j/j hastain


“Suffused with delight and an exuberant mischief hastain’s writing will inhabit your imagination with irreverent wonder. []  As a poet, priestess, and pundit of the subconscious, surreal and sensationally sensate, j/j is also a bit of a poltergeist of gender transmission and translocation.”

Max Wolf Valerio


“In j/j hastain’s work there is an insistence on everything, all at once. It is a literature that imagines a trans-identification not just beyond genders but also beyond cultures and stories and literary traditions. What comes out of this is ornate, mythic, full of vivid color, and transcendent”

Juliana Spahr


“If Georges Bataille were a queer living in San Francisco in 2012, this could be xem, building and dismantling gender, that is, building and dismantling form itself. j/j hastain is writing a no-holds-barred break-neck love song that conflates the meaty and the sacramental. Here is love’s avid desire for detail, and love’s sacred, impossible overflow”

Robert Gluck


“j/j hastain’s writing is part of a long, esteemed tradition: St Augustine and Artaud, Ovid and the Marquis de Sade, sitting across from one another, throwing dice. j/j hastain ups the ante”

Tyrone Williams


“j/j is the real deal, reclaiming a space for engendered anarchy, opening Pandora’s secret treasure trove, playing with fire, sound and love”

Anne Waldman


“j/j hastain’s work is an epistolary exploration into the divergent, the Other, the utopia of xe. Here, the alienated Other is praised and questioned, not as freak but as sage companion, teacher, progenitor. A brazen philosophical query that resurrects identity politics in a contemporary that insists on post-identity, hastain’s work rejuvenates the haptic in hypersensorial lyric that challenges, evolves, problematizes, and sophisticates our fundamental understanding of language and being, until we are left turning over and again: Is it possible that we are all radiant accidents?”

Lily Hoang


“Flat as Barbara Kruger, and truly without humor and I’m thinking yet that there is actually so much fluidity and mood here so that the surface of the text keeps expanding with air and then not so much shriveling but a kind of rolling, stepping into another sequence of purposes so that this “writer” is just a perfectly reasonable ambassador from someplace else that is endlessly being proposed to you: yes I do like it here [] it’s a kind of self-effacement, maybe there’s just no ownership at all. I mean nowhere. I mean anywhere. I mean certainly not in this work”

Eileen Myles


“j/j seeks. Slips. Moves through becoming in ways that are fraught with uncertainties while filled with desire and longing”

doug rice