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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information & Resources

a message from mid-state president, dr. shelly mondeik


mid-semester update

mid-state takes the health and safety of our college community very seriously. as mid-semester is upon us, the college continues to stay focused on our goal to provide, to the very best of our abilities, a healthy and safe environment in which to continue the mission of transforming lives through the power of teaching and learning. our entire college community continues to learn, adjust and continuously improve throughout this pandemic.

students, staff and community members have all shared with the college that they appreciate the steps taken, through the six “readiness” essentials relating to: building, staff and students, controlling access, social distancing, campus hygiene and communication. mid-state students also have shared their appreciation for flexibility, support and the many ways classes are offered and available to meet their needs.

as covid-19 cases in the state and the college district continue to grow, it is important to stay the course by being positive and diligent. pandemic fatigue is real and while some may be tempted to personally take a break from the harm reduction measures such as masking or personal distancing, the ability to keep mid-state’s campuses open depends largely on individual commitments to stick with the plan...even when tired of it or inconvenienced by it.

please continue to respectfully remind others and graciously accept reminders about appropriate mask wearing and personal distancing. in addition to masking, distancing and not coming to campus sick, it is critical to follow reporting protocol. all staff and students are required to report exposure, symptoms or covid-19 testing, immediately. as a reminder, mid-state students may report through the website form and mid-state staff are asked to send an email to human resources. these reports kick-off the internal follow-up which is critical to help minimize any spread within our college community. learning about a positive case days after the diagnosis is much too late to minimize the impact to others. this is a shared responsibility for all. the covid-19 team continues to monitor the situation daily and make necessary adjustments.

as each of us deal with the impact of covid-19 in different ways please continue to be collaborative, supportive and kind to one another. i hope you have learned that together we are moving forward through this pandemic. even in times of challenges – there is much to be proud of.

i believe in what we do here at mid-state and know we are making a difference. we look forward to our students successfully completing the fall semester and we look forward to an engaging winterim and spring semester which is right around the corner. from the bottom of my heart, i say thank you to everyone for supporting the mid-state mission.

in closing, remember to mask, personally distance, stay home if you are sick and report. stay healthy, well and resilient.    

Dr. shelly Mondeik

mid-state proud,