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associate in applied science (aas)
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why choose arborist technician?

  • turn your passion for the outdoors into a great career doing what you love.
  • discover endless career opportunities in arboriculture, and enjoy new and exciting challenges every day.
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living in a continually developing world is often associated with a life disconnected from nature, but arborist technicians are working to change that. whether it’s managing an entire city forest or simply taking care of a tree in a yard, arborists work to reconnect people with nature.

program locations

wisconsin rapids campus
500 32nd street north
wisconsin rapids, wisconsin 54494

what you'll learn

mid-state’s arborist technician graduates enter the workforce with real-world knowledge and skills. our students learn the fundamentals of pruning, plant health care, tree planting and maintenance, plant identification, tree risk assessment, and landscape installation and management.

our unique aerial component gives our graduates experience working safely in the trees. you’ll learn rope and saddle climbing, work with aerial lifts, and operate brush chippers and other industry equipment.

estimated entire program cost

cost based on the 2020/2021 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $10,181.22
  • books: $1,297.25
  • supplies, uniforms, and/or exams: $305.00
  • total estimated cost: $11,783.47

financial aid eligibility

this program is eligible for full financial aid.

term: 1
catalog# title credits
10001124 arborist skills introduction 2.00
10001133 chainsaw safety and operation 2.00
10001173 urban tree maintenance 2.00
10001118 landscape plant identification 2.00
10806184 plant biology 3.00
  • intermediate algebra with applications 4.00
10804107 college mathematics 3.00
-or- 10804118 intermediate algebra with applications 4.00
10801136 english composition i 3.00
(17-18 credits)
term: 2
catalog# title credits
10001111 intro to horticulture 2.00
10001110 tree biology 2.00
10001102 plant health care applicator 2.00
10001148 people, resources, and sustainability 3.00
10806134 general chemistry 4.00
10001125 arborist skills 1 2.00
(15 credits)
term: 3
catalog# title credits
10001105 dendrology and silvics 3.00
10001199 Intro to Fisheries, Forestry, & Wildlife Resources 3.00
10001104 applied landscape architecture 2.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
  • oral/interpersonal communication 3.00
10801198 speech 3.00
-or- 10801196 oral/interpersonal communication 3.00
10001126 arborist skills 2 2.00
(16 credits)
term: 4
catalog# title credits
10001113 ornamental plant health care 3.00
10001103 applied urban forestry 2.00
10001149 ecological basis for natural resource management 3.00
10001198 Intro to Soil & Water Resources 3.00
  • intro to psychology 3.00
10809188 developmental psychology 3.00
-or- 10809198 intro to psychology 3.00
10001127 arborist skills 3 2.00
(16 credits)
(64-65 credits)


dr. debra crunkilton, bs, mpa, phd

dr. crunkilton holds a phd from the university of missouri and has also taught at the university of wisconsin–stevens point. she has worked for the us forest service and the us soil conservation service and conducted research on oak at the university of missouri, columbia. to keep her skills current, she works with private companies and attends tree industry meetings.

"i love teaching and especially learning from my students. mid-state allows us time for exciting hands-on learning.”

joe hoffman, bs, mf

joe hoffman obtained his master of forestry from virginia tech and is a certified arborist by the international society of arboriculture. for over a decade he has coordinated travel for midwest students to attend the annual tree care industry expo, helping to expose them to the same breadth of opportunities he’s enjoyed. he brings over 17 years of arboriculture experience to the classroom and keeps his skills current by working in the industry during the summer and attending conferences.

“i’m deeply rewarded when students fully grasp that this education is theirs…when they take ownership and pursue their passions with all their might.”


  • arborist (commercial, municipal, golf course, utility)
  • horticulture technician
  • landscape maintenance technician
  • landscaping design and installation
  • nursery technician
  • park maintenance technician
  • vegetation mapping


“most students go to college to find good-paying careers doing something they enjoy. mid-state gave me that and so much more as i discovered my passion and achieved more than i ever could have anticipated.”

bryce crunkilton

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