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why choose farm operation?

  • analyze research-based best practices to decide what works best in farm management situations.
  • learn from industry experts, participate in on-farm labs to learn new skills, and network with other farmers and industry partners.
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a farmer’s work is often strenuous, marked by long hours and few days off. but, for many, these disadvantages are outweighed by the joys of working outdoors, being self-employed, and making a living working the land.

program locations

marshfield campus
2600 west 5th street
marshfield, wi 54449

what you'll learn

the farm operation program at mid-state prepares graduates to confidently run the day-to-day operations on a dairy farm. you’ll learn about livestock and their products, livestock diseases and prevention, quality milk and meat production, soils, crop production, and more.

this hands-on program features agribusiness professionals who share their knowledge directly through presentations, demonstrations, and tours. course topics include best practices for farming, such as how to manage farm records, farm computerization, critical facts about financial credit, creating a business plan, and marketing.

estimated entire program cost

cost based on the 2020/2021 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $4,196.21
  • books: $51.25
  • supplies, uniforms, and/or exams: $0.00
  • total estimated cost: $4,247.46

financial aid eligibility

this program is not eligible for financial aid.

term: 1
catalog# title credits
10080105 intro to soil science 3.00
10091102 intro to animal science 3.00
(6 credits)
term: 2
catalog# title credits
10091103 animal nutrition 4.00
10093102 intro to precision agriculture 3.00
(7 credits)
term: 3
catalog# title credits
10090101 agriculture business management 3.00
10093104 principles of crop management 3.00
(6 credits)
term: 4
catalog# title credits
10003101 agricultural diesel engine systems 3.00
10006102 Agribusiness Equipment & Facilities 2.00
10006101 agricultural computations 3.00
(8 credits)
(27 credits)



  • agricultural manager
  • agriculture sales
  • breeder
  • dairy equipment service technician
  • farming
  • farm manager
  • herd manager


“mid-state’s farm operation program was a great learning experience for me. i now apply almost everything i learned in everyday farming practices.”

hank rotering

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