j/j hastain


j/j hastainj/j is a pomosexual, post-binary-genderqueer trained, initiated, apprenticed and many-years experienced in the following: rewilding, mysticism, ceremonial officiation and rituals, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, end of life shamanic practices (psychopomp), movement therapies, ecstatic dance, somatic education, sacred performance, dream interpretation, intuitive, energy and quantum healings, house clearings, Beloved orientation arts, God/dess aptitude arts, Sophian magic, aura correction, ethical witchery, identity collage, metaphysical midwifery, embodiment therapies, dream re-entry, road kill attending, cave care, composing and nurturing hybrids for/to health.


Contact j/j for mentoring/coaching services, shamanic healings, energy work and ceremonial offerings.